Kiwicon 2k7 - New Zealand's Hacker Con

Welcome to, home of Kiwicon 2k7 - the inaugural conference for computer security enthusiasts (pronounced "hackers"). Kiwicon is a not-for-profit conference organised by the hacker and computer security community, for that same community. In 2007, it will be held in Wellington, New Zealand, on the weekend of 17-18 November. Admission is a mere NZ$50 (NZ$30 for students and beneficiaries) for two days of brain-churning fun.

Kiwicon is an all-ages event where anyone is welcome to learn about the latest and greatest computer security innovations. In the spirit of events like Sydney's Ruxcon and the legendary Defcon, Kiwicon intends to bring together a wide cross section of computer security minded people from within industry, academia, the government and maybe even the shadowy underground. Presentations, events and a chance to socialise with such a diverse range of experts make Kiwicon 2k7 THE place to be for computer security in New Zealand.

The technological landscape in New Zealand will never be the same again, because at Kiwicon 2k7, it's time to get your Hack on!

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Remember to check regularly as the con approaches for the lastest updates and information.

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See you at Kiwicon 2k7!

-- The Kiwicon Team