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New Zealand Hackers Announce Inaugural Computer Security Conference: Kiwicon 2k7

Wellington, 21st August 2007. The organisers of New Zealand's first hacker conference are proud to announce Kiwicon 2k7.

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Kiwicon 2k7 is a computer security conference, organised by the hacker and computer security community of New Zealand. Kiwicon will be held on 17-18th November at Victoria University, Wellington. The conference will consist of formal presentations from both domestic and international speakers on a wide range of subjects of interest, informal discussions, socialising and competitions. Perhaps even a field trip to an Echelon ground station...

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Kiwicon provides a venue for hackers (see below) and computer security professionals as well as other interested parties to get together and share knowledge, war stories, and to consume a startling amount of beer. In the spirit of Defcon and Ruxcon, Kiwicon intends to bring together the best and brightest from academia, the computer security industry and hacker underground, those who manage critical infrastructure, and, of course, our friends in law enforcement. For many of the organisers, Kiwicon is about meeting friends, colleagues and competitors, as well as giving back to the community which has nurtured our own interests and careers. We also hope to meet new faces, whether they belong to students or anyone from the general public who wishes to explore the technological maelstrom that at times threatens to engulf the modern world. Yes, this will be at times a specialised event, but we hope to show that the technologies involved are bigger than the companies who sell them or the "geeks" who run them. What does it mean when every discussion or idle speculation, each uploaded photograph and every personal detail is archived, sorted and mined by databases and legal entities beyond our control and even national borders? We ask these questions, and to the best of our abilities we seek the answers.

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Hackers are compulsive destroyers of "Warranty Void if Broken" stickers. They are people who enjoy exploring, understanding, and using technology creatively. Many hackers are interested in the security of computer systems, but as technology develops, hackers of different kinds are pushing the limits of cars, gadgets, and various media. However, the general perception of a 'hacker' is synonymous with 'computer criminal', and indeed some computer criminals are hackers. However, the prevention of electronic crimes and the defenses of modern networked systems are ensured by computer security professionals; the best of whom will often self-identify as hackers! Hackers value elegant, creative and often playful solutions to technical challenges; combining the role of inventor and artist in an industry that many laypeople would consider staid. In a world where society's technological dependence is as obvious as the technology itself is opaque, hackers provide the tools and language for social conscience, balance and freedom.

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Kiwicon is organised by a group of kiwi hackers; some with day jobs in the computer security industry, others for whom it is only a hobby. As Kiwicon is not-for-profit event, the financial performance will be presented at the end of the conference, and any profit will be banked in preparation for Kiwicon 2k8!

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All are welcome to attend Kiwicon - an open mind and curiosity are the only prerequisites. Kiwicon also has an open Call For Papers, requesting submissions from anyone who would like to present. See the CFP on for more details. Registration for attendees is also available online at Media are welcome to attend as regular participants, but are requested to obtain explicit permission before photographing or attributing quotes to attendees.

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